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Mission, Vision, Values


St. Leonard’s Community Services London and Region is dedicated to promoting positive change in all persons who are or could be in conflict with the law to realize their potential, leading to a safer and healthier community.


St. Leonard’s Community Services London and Region will be a recognized leader in effective positive change at the intersections of the criminal justice system and the community.


Dignity:  St. Leonard’s has the fundamental belief, and places a core value on the fact, that all people have the capacity to change. This is the foundation upon which the Mission evolves, that is, in promoting positive change in people’s behaviours and attitudes. In order to facilitate that change, the organization needs to develop relationships whereby every person is treated with dignity and respect.

Accountability:  The organization firmly believes that people are responsible for their actions and behaviours, and should experience fair and logical outcomes for the behaviours that they undertake. People are responsible, and they must recognize that there are consequences for what they do. St. Leonard’s believes in this fundamental value, but with outcomes that are fair, equitable and logical for both the community and victims of crime, as well as for those who commit crime.

Commitment:  St. Leonard’s holds a belief that its employees and volunteers are critical to the success of the services provided, the achievements realized and the important supports that clients receive. The employees and volunteers provide a sense of passion, commitment and service that goes beyond just a job, reflecting a true belief in facilitating positive change that benefits both the individuals served and the community. Without this passion and commitment, St. Leonard’s could not fulfill its role or realize positive outcomes for the people served.

Collaboration:  There are many parties involved in the Criminal Justice system. The ability to work together, to partner and to collaborate are evident strategies and tools in evolving a more effective and responsive justice system for both the community and its citizens, as well as those who have undertaken, or could in the future, undertake criminal behaviour. Working together, using all the resources and potential of the community, is the approach that is most valuable to all who are involved in this important community services sector.

St. Leonard’s also believes that it is accountable for its decisions, actions and outcomes. This accountability is based on the need to use wisely and effectively the resources provided by funders and the community, to ensure that decisions are sound and responsible so that that all its work and efforts support individuals in the community to realize and benefit from positive change.

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