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Mission, Vision, Values


A community where everyone feels safe, valued, and supported.


To support and advocate with individuals who are, or who are at risk of being, justice-involved.


Inclusion – Our foundation is a stance of non-judgement and openness that recognizes and honours the uniqueness and dignity of each person and their experience.

Collaboration – Relationships are central to who we are and what we do. We cultivate purposeful connections with our clients & participants, co-workers, partners, allies, and community.

Compassion – We are honoured to be part of other people’s journeys. We accompany others and each other with empathy, flexibility, commitment, and respect.

Accountability – We are a reliable partner who provides compassionate supports. We steward well the resources entrusted to us as we do our best by, with, and for clients & participants, co-workers, volunteers, students, partners, allies, and our community. Accountability is an invitation to become our best selves as we learn and grow.

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