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London Justice Centre

A part of the Provincial Guns, Gangs, and Violence Reduction Strategy, Justice Centres aim to move justice out of the traditional courtroom and into a community setting through a partnership of justice, health, and social services providers to address the root causes of crime, break the cycle of offending, and improve community safety.  Justice Centres hold individuals accountable for their offences while connecting them to services that reduce the risk of re-offending.  Central to the Justice Centre model is a commitment to better support victims and communities harmed by crime.

The focus of the London Justice Centre is to connect young adults with many services and supports, including justice services, through an integrated case management approach.  The London Justice Centre aims to create such connections by building meaningful and durable referral pathways across sectors to needs-based programming for young adults who have come into conflict with the justice system.

Referrals are received directly from the Justice Centre Crown for eligible individuals aged 18-24 years old.  If you or someone you know is in conflict with the law, speak to an officer or seek legal advice to inquire about eligibility for the Justice Centre program.

Click here to see the London Justice Centre guide for more information.