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Supportive Housing

St. Leonard’s offers two supportive housing programs which provide housing stability and specialized supports to foster well-being and safety in and for the community, as well as rent supplements to address housing market-related challenges. The two programs offered are:

Forensic Supportive Housing

This program is designed to provide support for persons involved in the forensic mental health care system.  The goal is to reintegrate them into the community and maintain their well-being and housing stability. Supports offered by this program include:

  • psychosocial rehabilitation
  • housing supports
  • advocacy, and
  • rent supplements.

Participants are referred from Transitional Rehabilitation Housing Programs (TRHPs), such as our own C.K. Clarke Centre, or the Southwest Centre for Forensic Mental Health Care.

Mental Health Justice Supportive Housing

This program offers support for persons experiencing mental health and/or addiction challenges and who are currently justice-involved. The aim of the program is to stabilize participants in the community of their choice, by

  • providing housing stability support
  • advocacy
  • referrals to community partners, and
  • a rent supplement to assist with rent payments.

Referrals can come directly from eligible persons or community partners supporting persons they consider eligible, including Mental Health Court (Adult Therapeutic Court), Release from Custody programs, probation officers, lawyers, and programs offering bail supervision.