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Our administrative offices and many of our community-based programs are located at:

405 Dundas Street
London, ON
N6B 1V9
Telephone: 519-850-3777
Fax: 519-850-1396

Our Residential Centres

Cody Centre

108 King Edward Avenue
London, ON N5Z 3T1
Telephone: 519-668-2701
Fax: 519-668-7549

Gallagher Centre

266 Egerton Street
London, ON N5Z 2G7
Telephone: 519-451-7707
Fax: 519-451-1066

C.K. Clarke Centre

313 Clarke Road
London, ON N5W 5G2
Telephone: 519-451-0333
Fax: 519-451-0006

Maison Louise Arbour

658 Little Grey Street
London, ON N5Z 5E9
Telephone: 519-850-1975
Fax: 519-850-4952

Have a comment, concern or complaint?

If you have comments, compliments, or concerns about our staff or the services you’ve received, we want to hear from you.  There are a number of ways you can contact us:

Please take a moment to review our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities for participants in our services and programs.

If you’d like a copy of our Complaint Policy, you can find it here and our Whistleblower Policy is found here.

Our Accessibility policy for Ontarians with Disabilities can be found here.