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FASD Intensive Reintegration Service

The FASD Intensive Reintegration Service provides support to young people diagnosed or suspected of having Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and who have been found guilty of an offence under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.  Participation is voluntary and is offered in an individualized environment. A relationship-based approach is utilized to support young persons in all facets of their life with a focus on social and emotional awareness.

The Neurodevelopment Model of Behaviour Management is used to assist in educating both the youth and their care providers of their specific needs in order to achieve more successful outcomes.  Service is client-centered and directed with a focus on the strengths and abilities of the individual.  Supports provided can range in intensity and focus and may include help with activities of daily living, housing, re-engagement in the community and connection to the Developmental Service sector. Transportation is offered to aid and support the participants.