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Project Home

Project Home is a housing stability/housing first program which is rooted in the City of London, Homeless Prevention System. Project Home focuses on housing and supporting adults and youth who have experienced chronic and persistent homelessness. A team of support workers help individuals to exit homelessness by assisting them to find housing across the city of London, anchoring them in their community of choice, and establishing a sense of belonging through the provision of assertive and intensive housing first case management.

Project Home is guided by the principles of London’s Homeless Prevention System and housing first philosophy. We believe that as a city we can solve homelessness, and we work closely with a number of community partners to help reach this goal.

I am interested in accessing this program. How do I get in?

Project Home works with individuals referred by the City of London’s Homeless Prevention Team. If you are staying in a shelter, or have contact with street outreach workers, you can ask shelter staff or outreach workers about how you can be referred to a housing first program.

How do I know if I’m a good fit for the program?

Project Home works with individuals 16 years and older, who have experienced chronic and episodic homelessness in the city of London. We work with individuals identified by the London Homeless Prevention system as having the highest need for support.

As a landlord, I’m wondering how I can help.

Project Home has a dedicated team member whose role is to work closely with landlords to support successful tenancies in all areas of London. We have extremely successful, long- term relationships with many landlords around the city. For more information, please fill out the “contact us” form below and someone will be in touch with you.

I have some items I would like to donate. Where can I take them?

Thanks for thinking of us!  Unfortunately, Project Home does not have space to store donations at this time. We encourage you to contact some of our community partners who do take donations, such as Goodwill or a local shelter.

Project Home