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Youth Group Programs


The Choices program is an eight-session early intervention tool designed to teach young people a number of very important and valuable basic life skills.  Throughout the sessions, we examine the importance of positive decision making, values, communication, and victim awareness/empathy.  We also explore the personal value systems and how they help influence our decisions.

When utilized outside the confines of the classroom, these skills impact how young people make decisions, thereby encouraging them to take responsibility for their actions and the positive or negative consequences.

Get A Grip

The Get a Grip program provides youth ages 14-18 with appropriate and positive skills for interacting with peers, family, and community when faced with difficult situations.  Participants are encouraged to be active in changing attitudes and behaviours surrounding their anger awareness and management and have the opportunity to explore and work on problems related to anger, aggression, and violence.  Each youth will have an intake meeting with the facilitator to discuss goals, special considerations and how to best support the young person’s success in the program.

What topics are covered?

  • Choices topics include values and self-esteem, facts vs. opinion, communication and problem solving, personal needs, emotion management, conflict resolution, peer pressure, victimization
  • Get a Grip topics include recognizing and understanding anger, assertiveness, creative thinking and critical reasoning, stress management, self-responsibility, effective communication, problem solving

How much do these programs cost?

There is no cost associated with these group programs. These groups are facilitated out of our main office located at 405 Dundas Street in London, and can also be delivered in various locations within the community.