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Cody Centre Community Residential Facility

Program Overview

Cody Centre is a 21-bed community residential facility that provides 24 hour supervision and support to adult male residents serving federal sentences in the community.

Justice Workers help to prepare residents for reintegration through the development of individualized support and discharge plans, which may include referrals to doctors, psychiatric services, Indigenous community services or addiction services.

Justice Workers may also help to obtain government identification, employment, educational upgrading and volunteer opportunities, as well as provide one-on-one mental health support and crisis intervention.


How do I reside at Cody Centre?

Those who are interested in attending Cody Centre as a release destination should speak to their Institutional Parole Officer, who will initiate a Community Assessment request to the London Parole Office.

What is the Community Assessment Team?

The Community Assessment Team (CAT) consists of representatives from St. Leonard’s Community Services – London & Region, Correctional Services Canada, London Police Service, and members of the community. This team reviews and assesses referrals on a bi-weekly basis.

How do I get in contact with Cody Centre?

St. Leonard’s Community Services, London & Region attends annual pre-release fairs and can also be contacted via written correspondence.

If you are from London and/or are planning on London as your release destination, we encourage you to correspond with us through written letters.

Introduce yourself, inform us of your plans, update us on the progress you have made during your sentence and send a formal application.

Written letters should be sent through the mail sent to:

Attention: Program Manager
Cody Centre
108 King Edward Avenue
London, ON N5Z 3T1

Click here to open our Application package.

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