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Direct Accountability and Diversion Programs

Pre-Charge Adult Diversion

The Pre-charge Adult Diversion program offers an alternative to the formal court process by providing community-based sanctions to persons 18 years of age or older alleged to have committed an offence.

This voluntary program was developed through a partnership with London Police Services and may be used only if the person cannot be adequately dealt with by way of Police warning or caution and the Police determine that a referral to a community based resource would be beneficial.  The goal of the program is to reduce minor incidents of crime and to provide supportive interventions and programming to assist participants in accepting responsibility for their offence and addressing the impact of their actions on themselves, their family, the victim and the community.

Direct Accountability Program (DAP)

The Direct Accountability Program is an alternative to formal prosecution for individuals 18 years or older charged with eligible criminal offences.  The program was introduced as part of Ontario’s Justice on Target Strategy to reduce court delays and involves individuals being held accountable through community-based sanctions.  Participation is voluntary and individuals must be willing to assume responsibility for their actions and be prepared to make amends through the completion of an assigned sanction.  Once sanctions are completed, the referred charges will be withdrawn from the court.

Will I end up with a criminal record or show up on Police checks/CPIC etc?

  • While an active charge, it will show on a CPIC check; once the program is successfully completed, it will show as having been withdrawn/diverted
  • Upon successful completion of the DAP or Diversion program, charges will not end up on your record

How long do I have to complete the program?

  • Those participating in the Pre-charge Diversion program are given three months to complete assigned sanctions
  • Participants in the Direct Accountability Program have six weeks to complete their sanctions

How do I get referred, or how do I get someone else referred?

  • Referrals for the Adult Pre-Charge Diversion Program are received directly from London Police Services
  • Referrals for DAP are received directly from the Crown Attorney’s office
  • Eligibility for the programs are determined at the discretion of the referring police officer or Crown Attorney
  • If you or someone you know is in conflict with the law, speak to an officer or seek legal advice to inquire about eligibility for these adult diversion programs