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Supported Independent Living (SIL)

The Supported Independent Living program (SIL) is a dynamic program that provides community-based supports and services to individuals with developmental disabilities, mental health issues or with other special needs and who are, or who are at risk of being, involved in the justice system.  The SIL Program provides support to clients 7 days a week from 8am – 10pm.

Our dedicated and passionate team have a diverse set of skills and use a strengths-based approach to promote a positive and stable environment for our clients to find success both in the community and in their homes.  Our goal is to help clients achieve and maintain independence through skill development in areas such as:

  • household management
  • hygiene and daily routines
  • grocery shopping and meal preparation
  • scheduling and attending appointments
  • budgeting
  • employment and educational goals
  • planning and participating in recreational or leisure activities all of which promote a safe and healthy lifestyle

In addition to providing support with independence, other areas of focus include advocacy, crisis prevention and resolution, family relationships, counseling and therapeutic partnerships.  We connect our clients to various other community services so that their repertoire of supports and resources suits their unique needs.

The team works with clients to develop their goals and a plan focused on their strengths and that is modified as needed.  Our approach is client centered and client driven, as we strive to develop meaningful therapeutic relationships with our clients and support them with improving and maintaining their quality of life.  The staff team provides coaching and encouragement during life events suspected to bring on stress, as well as working with our clientele to help them build on their own emotional coping skills.

What does a typical day of support look like in the SIL Program?

A typical day of support can range from purchasing groceries, accessing community resources, completing laundry or cooking, or attending appointments and activities.  Clients work with a SIL team member daily to create a structure for their support time that meets their needs at that time.  As goals are established or accomplished, the client and staff will often make a plan for the next planned support.

How does a SIL Team staff member spend their day while not with clients?

While support is often provided in person, it can also be through finding resources, advocacy, researching potential recreational activities, and linking with community services and partnerships that will positively benefit our clients.

How often should I expect to be in contact with staff as a client of SIL?

The team understands that our clients often have busy personal lives so we work with each client individually to plan out support that will meet their unique needs and suit their preferred communication style.  Support schedules are established to ensure our clients are receiving the support they desire, in a manner that works best for them.

How can someone be referred as a client for SIL?

All referrals are processed through Developmental Services Ontario (DSO).  An Application for Development Support Services (ADSS), as well as a Support Intensity Scale (SIS) assessment are required, prior to being placed on the wait list for services.  Please contact your local DSO for details.