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Community Work and Substance Use Programs


As of June 2021, the Intermittent Community Work Program and Substance Use Program are, unfortunately, discontinued.  Funding for these programs, which was provided by the province through the Ministry of the Solicitor General, is now no longer available.

Intermittent Community Work Program (ICWP)

The ICWP program embraces the principles of restorative justice by providing adult men serving intermittent sentences an opportunity to give back to the community through volunteer work as an alternative to spending weekends in jail.  This province-wide reintegration program is funded by the Ministry of the Solicitor General.  ICWP participants are placed at various organizations and agencies to complete community service work instead of serving custody time.  This program offers the participants the opportunity to maintain their employment, family, and community connections while serving their sentence.

“Thank you for giving us the opportunity to get involved with this program.”

“90% of the volunteers are punctual, present, do a good job and have a good attitude. It’s a positive experience!”

Placement Providers

Substance Use Program (SUP)

The SUP program provides a psycho-educational group opportunity for adults experiencing substance use issues.  The program is for those convicted of impaired driving related charges and serving intermittent sentences. This program focuses on substance use, the impacts of impaired driving on self, victims, and society, as well as education and coping skills.  One of the seven sessions includes a victim panel, led by a speaker from MADD Canada who has been directly affected by the actions of an impaired driver.

Hearing the speaker from MADD speak about their loss made me realize a lot. The person that was the victim of a DUI could have been one of my family members. Drink responsibly.”

Participant in the Substance Use Program

What is an intermittent sentence?

For sentences of 90 days or less, a judge may order an intermittent sentence.  This means you do not serve all the days of your sentence at the same time, but usually you serve an intermittent sentence in custody on weekends, often in a provincial correctional centre.

How do I get referred to the Intermittent Community Work Program (ICWP)?

Individuals sentenced to intermittent sentences will usually serve the first weekend in custody. While in the institution you will have access to information regarding ICWP and how to apply as there are certain criteria you need to meet in order to be eligible.  The decision of eligibility and acceptance into the program lies solely with the institution.

What is the overall philosophy/approach of the Substance Use Program (SUP)?

The SUP program and the facilitators have a non-judgmental, restorative approach toward all participants. The intention of the program is to teach individuals about how their decision making has led them to the situation they are in.  There are seven sessions with topics including problem solving, goal setting, supportive relationships, stress management, and anger management.  Participants are encouraged to learn, reflect, and examine how their thinking patterns influence behaviours.