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Residential Programs

St. Leonard’s Community services offer short- and long-term adult residential programs that are tailored to the unique needs of the men and women that we serve.  We have three Community Residential Facilities (CRFs, also known as “half-way houses”), which provide a chance for individuals to make the transition from a correctional facility to the community, and one Transitional Rehabilitation Housing Program (TRHP), which supports individuals progressing through the forensic mental health care system.

In some of our facilities, we also offer spaces for individuals dealing with mental health challenges, or who may be on probation with complex or unique needs.

In order to maintain the highest degree of safety and respect for our residents and our community, we have well-defined rules and guidelines that all residents must be willing to follow.

Cody Centre Community Residential Facility

Cody Centre is a 21-bed community residential facility that provides 24 hour supervision and support to adult male residents serving federal sentences in the community.

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Maison Louise Arbour (MLA) Community Residential Facility

Maison Louise  Arbour Centre is an eight bed  female  community residential facility which supports women over the age of 18 who are transitioning from the federal and provincial criminal justice systems and/or require mental health support for up to 30 days in one of our crisis beds.

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Gallagher Centre Community Residential Facility

Gallagher Centre is a 16 bed residential community facility that provides client centered services to individuals who are currently involved or at risk of being involved in the Criminal Justice System.

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C.K. Clarke Centre Transitional Rehabilitation Housing Program

C.K. Clarke Centre is a six-bed residence providing support to adults who are involved with the forensic mental health care system.

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London Reporting Centre

The London Reporting Centre (LRC) operates within Cody Centre and Maison Louise Arbour to provide increased support and supervision to high needs or high risk male and female offenders who are not required to live in a Community Residential Facility.

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Reintegration Program

The Reintegration Program works with adults who have a confirmed or suspected mental health illness and who are involved in the justice system.

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